Entranceway chairs for condos and apartments

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As you enter your conn or apartment, if you don’t enjoy hopping around on one foot while changing your shoes, or have no place to put your groceries other than a wet, nasty entrance floor, just screw one of these wall mounted folding chairs to a stud on a finished wall in your entranceway or mudroom.

   This jump seat holds 350 pounds and is only 2″ thick when closed.

These flip up chairs can also be mounted to other solid surfaces such as masonry or even metal studs but the metal stud installation requires a small hole in the drywall and our patented stud-reinforcing bracket.

mudroom_furniture wall-mounted-plastic-folding-chair_wall-chair wall-mounted-chair-close-up wallchair-close-up-of-hinge-detail wall-chair-wood-edge-detail