We had our wallchair installed about 8 months ago. It functions perfectly and blends in seamlessly with the wainscoting in our 150 year old house here in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. We find the design brilliant. It takes up virtually no space until it needs to. I cannot imagine why anyone would not want this product. It is affordable, aesthetically pleasing and functional. Ideal for older people in apartments in NYC, for example.Alisa Kasmir, Netherlands
I bought a wall chair from yourselves and am happy to offer you the following appraisal.
It is a very good product ,stylish, practical and well made.Simon Andrews, UK
I purchased a wall-chair over a year ago and I love it! It works perfectly for my situation which is a narrow hallway across from a closet where I keep my coats and outdoor footwear.Bruce Denton, Michigan, USA
I have to say that I am absolutely delighted with our wall chair. The design, construction, finish and overall high quality far exceeded my already high expectations. My only disappointment came as we had to move just months after getting it installed in our house! No way I was leaving it though…. it’s going to be the first thing I install at our new home when we find the right one to buy. I’ll send you another photo when we land in our new home eventually. We’re renting now while we shop, but should be finding a permanent home by summers’ end.
Thanks again for such a high quality and useful (and beautiful!) item! CheersDerek Reich, Utah, USA