Mudrooms and Entryways

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Small mudrooms and entryways are places where people come in from the outside, full of snow, dirt, mud, carrying groceries etc..

There is generally a lot of commotion in this area with unpacking, wet cloths, dirt, sand, gear etc..

It is one of the most chaotic rooms in any building, apartment, condo or house and often, there is no room for a storage bench or chair.

Sometimes, you have only enough room on the floor for your shoes and that’s all.  You have to hop around on one foot or lean against a wall in order to get shoes on while tripping on the other shoes in the area.

When gear comes through before the shoes come off, you don’t want furniture in the way.

That is why our Wallchair wall mounted flip up seat, is the perfect solution for this area.

It’s two inches thick and only needs to be attached to a single metal or wooden stud, centered on the chair, or mounted to any other solid wood or masonry surface.

It also can hold 350 pounds on a regular basis and be installed at any height off the floor.

No modification to the wall is needed for wood stud or solid walls but mounting it to a metal stud is possible with our patented reinforcing bracket.